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Who We Are

United Gospel Mission (UGM) is a registered body with Government of India as a Non-Profit (Public Trust Act), having both its Administration & Registered Office in New Delhi. It is Registered u/s 12A & 80G (5)(vi) of Income Tax Act 1961, & FCRA Act.

UGM functions as a facilitating body for a network of over 80 little-known native Non-Profits spread into seven needy states of North India

We identify as a facilitating service organization serving little-known nonprofits, self-help groups, and communities, with a vision & purpose to bring Holistic Transformation across North India, the Hindi Belt.

Our core activities focus on :

  • Vocational Training,
  • Community Health,
  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • Food water, and Sanitation.

In our efforts to act as a Facilitating active body, all our categorized activities carry through our six core intentionally identified agendas;

  • Advocacy,
  • Capacity building,
  • Networking,
  • Mobilising,
  • Fundraising   and
  • Member care.

The heart of our mission lies in serving emerging, little-known native non-profits scattered across seven states in North India. Often isolated and unorganized, these entities work tirelessly to make a difference with their limited resources.

Which are being born as an insider's approach is now isolated, unorganized, and scattered across unreached North India. We work for these non-profits, which are toiling day & night to make a difference with their limited resources.

I know Rev. Babu Rao, for last 10 years. His organisation has laid pioneering efforts in sheltering orphan children...
Rev. Dr. Daniel Kamaraj, (MA , M.Div, DD)
Founder & President - Logos Faith Foundation
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