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What We Do

At United Gospel Mission (UGM), we stand as a beacon of hope, registered with the Government of India as a Non-profit under the Public Trust Act. Our Administration & Registered Office, rooted in New Delhi, is the central hub for our transformative initiatives.

Recognized under u/s 12A & 80G (5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961 and the FCRA Act, we are dedicated to fostering positive change in the Hindi Belt of North India.

UGM operates as a facilitating body, fostering collaboration among over 80 native non-profits, self-help groups, and socially enterprising initiatives spread across seven states in North India. Our focus on core Projects and Intervention areas are as below:

Vocational Training:

We empower individuals to build sustainable livelihoods by unlocking opportunities through skill development.
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Community Health Outreach & Development:

Bringing essential healthcare services to the doorsteps of underserved communities, we strive for improved well-being.
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Social Entrepreneurship:

We foster economic empowerment and community development by nurturing innovation and sustainable business solutions.
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Food, Water, and Sanitation:

Addressing basic needs, we work towards ensuring access to clean water, proper sanitation, and sufficient food resources.
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Our Identity &Unique Approach:

UGM is a facilitating service organization that serves little-known non-profits, self-help groups, and socially enterprising initiatives. Our vision is clear: to bring Holistic Transformation across North India, the Hindi Belt. In our role as a Facilitating active body, our categorized activities align with six core intentionally identified operational factors:


Speaking up for the voiceless, advocating for positive change, and influencing policy for the betterment of communities.

Capacity Building:

Empowering organizations and individuals with the skills and knowledge to make a lasting impact.


Creating a collaborative ecosystem where non-profits and self-help groups can share resources and amplify their collective impact.


Inspiring action and engagement, mobilizing communities to participate actively in their development.


Securing the resources necessary to fuel transformative projects and sustain the impact we aim to achieve.

Member Care:

Prioritizing the well-being of our network, ensuring our members are equipped and supported in their missions.

Our Primary Beneficiaries

The heart of our mission lies in serving emerging, little-known native non-profits scattered across seven states in North India. Often isolated and unorganized, these entities work tirelessly to make a difference with their limited resources.

UGM is dedicated to providing them with the support, resources, and collaboration they need to thrive.

At UGM, we believe in the power of collective action, and through intentional collaboration, we strive to create a ripple effect of positive change that transcends boundaries.

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to empower communities, foster development, and bring about lasting change across North India. Together, we can make a difference that echoes for generations to come.

How Can You Help:

Your support is instrumental in driving the success of our Community Initiatives and ensuring that we continue to make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and communities across India. Here are several ways you can contribute to our cause:

Donate: Your financial support sustains our programs, empowers community health workers, and expands our reach.

Volunteer: Share your time and expertise to support our initiatives on the ground.

Spread Awareness: Share our mission and success stories with your network to inspire others to join our cause.

Corporate Partnerships: Partner with us to scale our impact and reach more communities.

In-Kind Donations: Provide medical supplies and resources to support our programs directly.

Together, we can empower communities, save lives, and build a healthier future for all. Your support, in any form, is invaluable.
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