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success stories

Gideon's success Journey

Age: 65
Gender: Male
Work: Self Employed
Impact Area/Location:
Dehradun Uttrakhand
Project Name:
Gideon's Barn
Project Category:
Social Enterprise

Gideon's Journey of Transformation is one among the success stories

In 2019, Gideon stood out among the crowd amidst a bustling social enterprise training session in New Delhi. Little did he know his journey from that day forward would inspire and transform communities across India.

Meet John Gideon, a compassionate soul dedicated to serving others. With a background in radio and medical philanthropy, Gideon had spent years addressing critical issues affecting local communities. However, his encounter with a silent epidemic threatening the sight of countless children ignited a new mission within him.

Driven to make a difference, Gideon embarked on a mission to provide essential Vitamin E supplements to malnourished children across India. His tireless efforts improved their eyesight and sparked a deep-rooted commitment to creating lasting change.

Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gideon experienced a divine revelation: beekeeping. He embraced this ancient craft with unwavering determination, seeing it as a beacon of hope amidst uncertainty. In just a few years, he transformed hundreds of lives by introducing them to beekeeping, empowering them with newfound skills and opportunities.

Success Stories of Impact and Sustainability:

Gideon's initiative provided economic opportunities to individuals and contributed to the conservation of bees, which is vital for global agricultural systems. In our inner circle network of social enterprises, his efforts were recognised by Hemp with Honey. Through the proceeds from Hemp with a Cause sales, the cycle of empowerment continues, with certification of a new beekeepers.

As Gideon's story unfolds, the vision remains clear: to foster numerous beekeepers across every province, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout India.

Gideon's journey exemplifies the transformative power of social enterprise in empowering communities and changing lives.

With the support of generous donors like you, United Gospel Mission aims to continue fostering stories like Gideon's, driving sustainable change and empowerment across India.

Join us in writing the next chapter of transformational impact together.

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Thanks to the United Gospel Mission for caring for and educating these children. I see that God loves them equally and unconditionally. I am sure all the efforts are worth it since Children are the Future.

Mrs Anita Rai (Mukhia)
Koinonia House of Prayer - DNCF Kotla Wing

I met Babu two years ago when I reached New Delhi. Since then, I cannot forget the extraordinary time we had together. I was more impressed when I saw the Orphanage and his work there. His passion for each child is contagious. I was impressed by each child’s story and all the materials Brother Babu Rao prepares for donors.

Ionut Indreica
(Working Professional) Cluj-Napoca, Romania

"Volunteering with UGM as a digital literacy teacher was incredibly rewarding. Through my university's social initiative program, I was privileged to contribute to their impactful work, making a real difference. It reaffirmed my commitment to serving others, and I look forward to continuing to support UGM's mission."

Working Professional
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