Our Story

Dr T Babu Rao

Rev. Dr. T. Babu Rao has been at the helm as the Founding Member and Executive Director of United Gospel Mission since the organization's inception in 2005. However, the roots of our story is in Babu's impactful journey stretch back to 1995, when he embraced Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour. Found faith and inspiration in serving others during his early higher education in New Delhi.

A pivotal moment occurred when he sensed a compelling calling to devote himself to a path of service. His initial foray into teamwork unfolded with Campus Crusade, laying the foundation for his commitment to collective action. Subsequently, he took on the Compassion International Project Manager role, overseeing initiatives that touched the lives of 650 underprivileged children.

In 2005, a significant chapter unfolded as his wife, Jyoti Rao, joined him in answering the call to serve. Together, they embarked on a profound journey, traversing the diverse states of North India. Their exploration revealed the challenges little-known non-profits, churches, and ministries face—often unorganized and isolated, with limited access to essential resources.

Motivated by a shared vision to address these challenges, they took a bold step, founding 'United Gospel Mission' on September 29, 2005. Our story began a collective effort to empower and uplift the unreached and oppressed communities across North India.

Equipped with academic prowess, Dr. Rao holds a Master's in Business and a Doctoral Degree in Theological Studies. His educational journey laid the foundation for a unique blend of business acumen and a deep understanding of theological principles, a synthesis that shapes the holistic approach of United Gospel Mission.

The organization's foundation was laid with a commitment to bridge gaps, extend competencies, and create a support network for those working tirelessly with limited resources.

This journey of our story has been one of dedication, growth, and resilience. As we stand today, we invite you to join hands with us. Your support, be it as an individual or a corporate donor, is a powerful force for change.

Thank you for considering United Gospel Mission as a partner in your philanthropic journey. Your support is instrumental in fuelling our mission, as our story continues.

Let us continue to empower change and make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

With heartfelt gratitude

Rev. Dr. T Babu Rao
Founder and Executive Director
United Gospel Mission

Rev.Dr. T Babu Rao

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Rao finds joy as a husband to Joytika and a proud father to three daughters. The Rao family, rooted in the heart of South Delhi, India, exemplifies the values and commitment that define Dr. Rao's leadership. With a passion for transformative education, a hub for mission, and a relentless dedication to positive change, Dr. T. Rao's journey embodies the spirit of the United Gospel Mission.