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Community Health

Project Overview

In the heart of North India, where vibrant cultures blend with the challenges of healthcare accessibility, a transformative initiative has been taking root. Our Community Health Worker (CHW) program stands as a beacon of change, a testament to the impact that dedicated individuals can make in the lives of communities often overlooked.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to bridge the healthcare gap in underserved regions by empowering local champions as Community Health Workers. These individuals, drawn from the very communities they serve, are the backbone of positive change. Trained in primary healthcare, health education, and community outreach, our CHWs become indispensable assets, addressing prevalent health issues and fostering a culture of well-being.

By supporting this initiative, you contribute to a sustainable, grassroots approach to healthcare. Your donation fuels the training, resources, and empowerment of these change agents, enabling them to bring about lasting improvements in the health and well-being of their communities.
community health camp
73% of Indians live in these villages, but 80% of Healthcare Professionals are located in the cities.
source: © economictimes & thehindubusinessline

Progress Updates

Over the past year, the impact of our Community Health Worker program has been nothing short of remarkable. Through the dedication of our CHWs, we've reached thousands of individuals with essential healthcare services, health education, and preventive measures. Maternal and child health have significantly improved, with a notable decrease in preventable diseases.

Moreover, our CHWs have played a pivotal role in building community trust and breaking down barriers that often hinder healthcare access. The ripple effect of their work is evident in the increased awareness and proactive healthcare-seeking behavior among residents.

Your support will expand our CHW program's reach, allowing us to train and deploy more individuals to communities in need. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the health landscape of North India.


Witness the smiling faces of community members receiving vital healthcare services, the dedication of our CHWs in action, and the tangible impact of your support.
As you scroll through these images, envision the lives being touched and transformed. Your contribution directly contributes to the scenes of empowerment, resilience, and improved well-being captured in these moments.
community health campcommunity health campugm health campcommunity health campcommunity health campUGM health campUGM Health campUGM health campcommunity health campUGM Worker at Community Health Camp in Villagecommunity health camp

Get Involved

  1. Donate: Your financial support fuels our healthcare projects and allows us to expand our reach.
  2. Volunteer: Join us on the ground, contributing your time and skills to impact the lives of those in need directly.
  3. Spread Awareness: Share our mission with your network. By amplifying our cause, you become a vital advocate for change.

Join us in supporting the Community Health Worker program. Your involvement is an investment in the future of communities striving for better health. 

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